Transport Infrastructures

Ranging from major construction projects to the rehabilitation of pedestrian, road and rail bridges to overpasses, automated people mover and underground transit systems, ADF Group has developed extensive expertise in this field, both at the connection engineering level and fabrication processes and handling methods in the plant and installation of heavy steel components and complex steel structures. In fact, the environment in which these steel structures are erected is more demanding due to road restrictions, urban constraints or the location of the sites.


DCM Erectors


Santiego Calatrava

The contract includes the design and engineering of connections, supply of steel and fabrication of oversized steel components with complex geometry , and which will weigh close to 100 tons each, as well as highly complex architectural elements and rigorous specifications:

  • Bridge welding code (Fracture Critical)
  • Complex super lamellar columns
  • Super heavy transfer beams
  • Trial assembly of 20.2 ft x 29.9 x 230 ft built-up components
  • Stringent standards of tolerance, design and quality control

Note:  The steel components of this package are installed below grade and most do not show after installation.