Global and Advanced Engineering

Value added-engineering

A unique engineering approach to structural steel designed by ADF GROUP for the benefits of its clients.
INTEGRATED ENGINEERING combining structural steel fabrication processes with automated production lines, taking into account specific requirements of each type of transport and in accordance with the installation parameters and delivery schedules.

In addition to the systematic review covering all stages of a project, – from procurement of raw material to location of cranes on site and detailed analysis of drawings, ADF GROUP Engineering Team can suggest the most efficient solutions.

3D model
In-shop trial assembly
Section of the O’Hare International
Airport in Chicago, Illinois
Installation on site


Complex Steel Components and Connections Engineering

Buildings and bridges with increasingly complex and special geometry usually call for complex steel components and connections.

Built on years of experience, ADF Group Engineering Department has a proven expertise in connections engineering and heavy and complex steel built-up components, which are prevailing elements in the trend towards complexity.

Whether it concerns multi-connections nodes, long-span built-up trusses, special bracing components or heavy built-up nodes, ADF Group Engineering Team continuously look for engineering solutions that will allow a faster and more efficient fabrication process, with the goal of achieving time and/or cost saving for its clients.



Construction Engineering

Furthermore, ADF’s Engineers know-how can also provide expertise in installing steel structures and steel components, more particularly with regard to transport requirements and load restrictions or in determining the best location and movement of cranes on the site.