Fabrication Expertise

A comprehensive working and communication interface
between the Tekla Structures
3D software and the latest
generation of “CNC” equipment


» Integration of bar code system
» Efficient fabrication processes
» Higher accuracy obtained
» Efficient productivity


1 Standard Structural Steel

Integrating the 3D model and the shop drawings in the fabrication process
» Automated cutting and drilling lines ensuring efficient and fast fabrication process.
» Production focused on the fabrication of simple steel pieces.
» Standard operations (cutting, drilling, etc.) and little assembling required.



2 Complex Steel Structures

Flexible and versatile production for the fabrication of complex and heavy steel pieces and structures thanks to:

» Advanced engineering
» Proven fabrication processes adapted for carrying out these types of unique products
» Know-how and long-standing experience in fabrication of complex steel built-ups
» Lifting capacity of 140 tons for handling fabrication work of heavy steel built-ups
» Large working areas to carry out assembly work of oversized steel built-ups
» Important fabrication capacity for large scale projects

The weight and size of these types of products or the combination of these factors can be challenging, especially in terms of handling activities in the plant and transport.  As such, certain of the steel built-up components weighing over 60 tons have to be shipped in sections to the construction sites where they will be installed.



3 Trial Assemblies

The plant is fitted out with large working areas for major assembly work of steel structures and oversized built-up components

In order to ensure the optimal installation of the steel structures on-site, trial assemblies of various and unique steel pieces with complex geometry forming part of a built-up component, are performed in the plant prior to their delivery to site.  In addition to validating the quality of the design, the compliance with engineering parameters and fabrication accuracy, these trial assemblies add great value for the client since they mean potential time and cost savings with regard to installation work on site.

To successfully carrying out trial assemblies of large steel components, ADF’s fabrication complexes have been fitted out with large production areas and state-of-the-art equipment as well as measurement method, which are integrated in Tekla Structures 3D software, thus ensuring the quality control of its products.