BIM and 3D Technologies

Building Information Technology (BIM)
A technological platform developed by ADF Group around Tekla Structures 3D software which will evolves to continuously meet our needs and as the industry’s trends progress.

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» Greater Control
A unique interface designed by ADF combining its proprietary Production Management System with Tekla Structures 3D model platform.

» More Efficient Production
The 3D model data is directly transferred to the cutting-edge Computer Numerical Control (“CNC”) fabrication equipment.

» Better Monitoring of Work Progress
Consisting of different integrated software, ADF Group “BIM” allows to centralize and to follow in real time each phase of the production.


A know-how based on many years of experience in carrying out highly complex steel structure projects.line

Recipient of the “2013 Tekla North America BIM Awards”

The competition is held annually and is designed to recognize companies that used, in an exemplary manner, the Tekla Structures BIM and programs in the following four categories: best full use of BIM, engineering, for the steel and for the concrete.