Commercial and Recreational Complexes

Convention centers in Pennsylvania and Texas, stadium and sports venues in Florida, Michican, Maryland and more recently in Quebec, a national museum in Virginia, are only a few of the major projects on which ADF was invited to collaborate because of its proven expertise.

These types of projects often call for a double expertise, that is, the know-how in structural steel and in architecture. In fact, the design of these buildings includes and showcases a large number of architecturally exposed structural steel (AESS) for which a particular attention is to be given to the finish of the product.


The Smithsonian Institute


Hensel Phelps Construction Co.


Hellmuth, Obataq & Kassabaum (HOK)


Spiegel, Zamenick & Shah Inc.

Located near the Dulles Airport in Washington D.C., this new museum of 72,000 square meters (760,000 square feet) houses a 10-story column-free exhibition hall and a 61.5 meters (200 feet) high observation tower. A total of 5,500 tons of exposed structural and architectural steel were required to fabricate the 21 triangular trusses (or arches) spanning 104 meter (340 feet), each weighing 75 tons on average and having a 31.4 feet radius, for the exhibition hall.

ADF developed a unique engineering solution for this multi-angle and variable-axis steel structure. Trial assemblies were performed in the plant to validate the fitting of the components and to ensure efficient installation on site. Each of the structure’s arches were delivered in four sections and assembled on site. The arch’s lateral sections are connected using metal decking, and the middle sections are then connected to the lateral sections, to form the complete arch.