Office Towers and High-Rises

ADF Group has successfully delivered several projects for the design and engineering of connexions, the fabrication and the installation of steel structures and complex and heavy steel built-ups for high-quality office towers and skyscrapers in North America, including more than a dozen in New York alone.

Several of these multipurpose buildings house offices, condominiums, shops and restaurants, as well as some spectacular large halls, which usually feature specific geometry and architecture and are subject to special requirements and strict tolerances.


DCM Erectors


Pei Cobb Freed & Partners


Halcrow Yolles

The construction of this New York high-rise required the fabrication of 16,000 tons of structural steel, 10,000 tons of which was used to fabricate heavy built-up columns that make up the core of the building, nodes and other complex steel built-ups. Some of the columns are made up of 10.16 cm (4″) thick steel plates, weighing between 24 to 39 tons each.