Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada

Head Office and Fabrication Plant


ADF’s Terrebonne complex is home to its head office and fabrication plant.

Since its construction in 1997, the plant more than tripled in size to meet demands and with the development of its specialisation, the plan was upgraded and reorganized.

The Corporation has a solid expertise in complex structural steel projects and an important annual fabrication capacity thanks to its state-of-the-art equipment, automated production lines and ADF’s know-how.

Annual Fabrication Capacity
100,000 tons

186,807 m² (2,000,000 ft²)
Covered facilities:
58,530 m² (630,000 ft²)
Lifting capacity:
140 tons


Each of the plant’s production areas has been designed and fitted out with equipment based on their respective area of focus and main activities, ensuring a better productivity.

The plant’s large production areas (or bays) were designed primarily for fabrication of complex and heavy steel structures as well as trial assemblies of oversized steel built-up components.

Certain fabrication bays are dedicated to basic production which is usually accomplished with computer numerical control equipment (or “CNC”) while other areas of the plant focus on repetitive production of steel pieces.


Shop Certification

City of Los Angeles Approved Fabricator – Fabricator FB03052-1


Virtual Tour of the Plant