Commercial and Recreational Complexes

Convention centers in Pennsylvania and Texas, stadium and sports venues in Florida, Michican, Maryland and more recently in Quebec, a national museum in Virginia, are only a few of the major projects on which ADF was invited to collaborate because of its proven expertise.

These types of projects often call for a double expertise, that is, the know-how in structural steel and in architecture. In fact, the design of these buildings includes and showcases a large number of architecturally exposed structural steel (AESS) for which a particular attention is to be given to the finish of the product.


Sports & Exhibition Authority


Turner/P.J. Dick/Advanced Technology, J.V.


Rafael Vinoly Architects, NY


Dewhurst McFarlane & Partners

The design of this new convention center reminds that of a tall ship. The construction of this uniquely-designed building required the fabrication of heavy steel built-up components and multi-connections nodes to meet the architectural requirements. ADF used 16,000 tons of steel to complete the building’s structure, three 600-tons interior pedestrian bridges and the main mast. A special cable system connected to the structure’s mobile portion supports the roof and consolidates the building’s slanted shape.