Requests for Donation and Sponsorship

The budget allocation limit for donations/partnership requests for the current year has been reached. Thank you.

Request for Donation

ADF Group Inc. wishes to participate to the development of its community through donations to registered charity organizations.

The Corporation gives priority to requests in relation to the following areas of interest:

» Health
» Kids and youth
» Amateur sport

Organizations soliciting donations from the Corporation must present their written demand along with pertinent information (such as the status of the organization, the project’s title and description, total amount of donation, history and description of the organization, etc.). Interested organizations are asked to fill in the request for donnation form provided herewith and submit it to the Corporation either by fax at 450-965-8558 or email at It should be noted that this form can be modified from time to time by the Corporation’s Legal Department.

Corporate Donation Policy

Eligibility Criteria
The organizations soliciting donations must meet the following basic requirements for their applications to be considered:

» Be an organization based in Canada;
» Be a non-profit organization that is recognized as a registered charity;
» Be registered with Canada Revenue Agency;
» Be an organization in the areas of interest set forth in this Policy;
» Hold a registry of active Board members and have recent financial statements available upon request.

The Corporation will not consider solicitations from the following organizations:

» Political or religious organizations;
» Lobbyists or specific interest groups;
» Organizations already funded by Centraide/United Way;
» A local campaign for an organization to which the Corporation is already contributing to its provincial or national campaign;
» Individuals.

Sponsorships are considered publicity, not a donation, and are therefore not covered by this Policy.


Request for Sponsorship

Organizations soliciting sponsorships from the Corporation must submit their written demand along with pertinent information by fax at (450) 965-8558 or email at