In its first six decades of history, ADF Group Inc. has developed a solid expertise in the fabrication of steel structures and components with a high level of complexity. Today, ADF continues developing its expertise, capacities and services for the non residential construction industry. Our video presents an overview of ADF.


From a blacksmith shop founded in 1956, ADF Group Inc. has become over the years a North American leader in the design and engineering of connections, fabrication and installation of complex steel structures, heavy steel built-ups, as well as miscellaneous and architectural metalwork. The Corporation’s products and services are intended for the following five principal segments of the non-residential construction market: Office Towers and High-Rises – Commercial and Recreational Complexes – Airport Facilities – Industrial Complexes – Transport Infrastructures.

The Corporation operates two modern fabrication plants in Canada and in the United States, and uses the latest technologies in its industry.

A pioneer in the development and implementation of innovative solutions, the Corporation is recognized for its engineering expertise, its project management, its important fabrication capacity and its skills in two specialized market niches: the fabrication of steel superstructures with a high level of architectural and geometric complexity, and projects subject to fast-track schedules.

ADF Group’s commitment to deliver every project in accordance with the industry’s highest quality standards constitutes a core aspect of the Corporation’s mission.